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Well its been a busy old week and a bit and zero crafting has been done. So apologies for the long post but its time to catch up. We'll start with our week jolly holly to the Cotswolds which was a bit of a disaster for Darcy & Me (ha). This is the first time we have taken her to our annual friends holidays and with 15 peeps and another dog, she found the whole thing very overwhelming, so the two of us spent most of the week in our bedroom and she spent the week sleeping on my head which is a sure fire way of determining she is scared. She only ever sleeps on my head when fireworks are doing their noisy things in November. So whilst it was lovely to see albeit intermittently and briefly friends, its safe to say Darcy & Me wont be repeating the experience. The only blessing was that Mr E got to spend some much needed quality time with his lovely old friends. Now we are home I've never seen a more happier dog, a new found appreciation for me and home.

We got back on Friday and I started what is continuing the marathon laundry. I've never known a human like Mr E who when on hols wears soooo much ah well there are worst habits I suppose.

Saturday afternoon we finally went to see the marvellous Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman

Now this film has come in for some harsh criticism and whilst its certainly not the best film in the world, and does feel like a series of pop videos sewn together with a very tenuous story line (perhaps a nod to the true Barnum story but nothing more). I have to say I can't honestly remember a time I enjoyed a film more. It grabbed you the minute it started and it didn't let you go, the music is fantastic and the talent of Mr Jackman shone. It was a rip roaring ride of a musical film and it was utterly fabulous.

Saturday night we went for the first time to the St Annes Folk Club at the Pavillion Cafe and it was really great. Steve who runs the club which is inspired by the work of his dad was so welcoming, warm, passionate and talented. The main act was Roger Davies who comes from Brighouse and I found we share a love of Peter Brook art. Myself and Mr E have a penchant for art and we are proud to own a Peter Brook. You can find out about Roger and his work and music via his website at

Mr E has today and tomorrow off work as he worked the first part of the Easter Hols at another school he is currently supporting. So we decided to make the most of it as it feels really naughty and decadent to have time together when the kids are all at school, its a rarity that has only every happened once before in about 15 years.

This morning we went to the Grundy Art Gallery to see a new exhibition based upon the Seaside Pier and a celebration of Blackpool's built environment.

If you're in Blackpool its well worth a visit.

Now you can only take so much culture, well this girl can, until the slots start calling lol. As it was tipping it down we drove back into St Annes and went to the pier and spent an hour on the 2p slots in a quaint Victorian Pier, pure childish bliss. I have to say that I find nothing as so romantic than a Victorian Seaside Town in the Winter and the rain, I love it.

Lunch was at one of my favourite local eateries in Lytham The Queens Hotel, and enjoyed a wonderful smoked haddock, bacon, mash and chive sauce with a runny poached egg, it was pure delish. Mr E equally enjoyed his Schnitzel. So well fed and with the weather a bit pants we meandered home much to Darcy's delight.

So that's us caught up I think. I do need to get my prevarbial into gear and make some cards and things but life is just getting in the way at the moment.

Until the next one Cxx