That was the week that was

Time to catch up. I have been remiss in blogging, note to self must try harder and make the time, no excuses. Similar to many who "retire" you wonder how you ever managed to fit work in, I'm happy to say.

So the highlights of this week. Lunch with Bestie in a greenhouse, don't ask, it was kitsch; the food was great; chicken ceasar salad was a good one washed down with lashings of ginger beer (yep me and the famous five). But if you take away all the decor, you are eating in a greenhouse and despite the inclement weather it was a tad hot for me. Hate to think what it would be like in the height of summer.

Saturday spent some quality time with the delectable Mr E and Darcy. We spent the morning on a meander around Fairhaven Lake, I do live in a lovely part of the world truly blessed and with the weather on the up it was nice to see folk out and about, all ages enjoying the park; the boating or like us just meandering.

My reward for the walk was a lovely lunch with Mr E, photos of starters, mine Calamari, his Mushrooms

Yesterday I managed to do some card making in the shed. Two First Holy Communion Cards, personalised in Italian, language really isn't a barrier and all my cards can be personalised with any message in any language.

I really do need to still get working on my stock for craft fairs, time is marching on, however first we have a 3 day jaunt in Budapest this weekend. Until the next one.