Too Cold to Craft .....

... well nearly, jeez even with the heater on, the shed is a tad chilly, but I had orders to make and I'm a hardy northern lass so not even this weather was going to get in my way; between the chattering teeth and trembling fingers I got what I needed to get done today.

I'll share some photos of orders made for recipients I know don't have internet access so no fear of spoiling the surprise.

All different from what is in store, one is an adaptation and just demonstrates as well that all my designs are adaptable and unique to create a personal message or tweak of design and at no extra cost, just let me know what you want. Sorry the lighting on the photos is not great

So this card is for a very special Nana

Bespoke Mother's Day Card

This is a brand new design and is a 3D flower just got inspired and suggested it to a client who liked it and bought it

Mother's Day Flower Card

The next one is self indulgent and is a card I have made to hold a gift card for my own mum. I really love vintage and the cards I make for mine very much reflect my personal style and taste, I've used some vintage card which I love

So that's about as much as I can share without spoilers, you can still order Mother's Day Cards all are dispatched next day, if you order in the morning they are dispatched same day, so to be safe place your order no later than Thursday 8th March 2018 to ensure you receive the card in time.