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Widow Twanky and The Mummy

I know it sounds like a poor pantomime mash up but it does succinctly sum up my day today. I'm spending, what has turned out to be a cold and dull Sunday into a washathon, whilst lovely to have guests the bedding and towels for a small army need to be laundered and today is the day. To help me through I'm watching what is my all time favourite film The Mummy, now this is the one with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz not the god awful recent Tom Cruise offering (which included Russel Crowe as Dr Jekyll WTF????) anyway its my rainy day feel good movie.

So all in all a lazy day for me, as Mr E is engrossed with school work. I do have lots on the agenda next week. Mothers Day looms and I have lots of card ideas / designs which I will be working on and some gifts so watch this space..........