Days Like These .....

Being your own boss does have some great perks, not least you can choose your own office and today as the weather is gorgeous - albeit according to the weather man for one day only, Darcy & Me took advantage and had a long meander around one of our favourite local places Ashton Gardens.

Apparently it is hotter than Rome wey hey.

Darcy wanted a selfie

I am lucky to live in such a lovely place and days like these only serves to reinforce how I feel and how where I live makes me feel. I'm blessed, truly blessed, the only thing to make the day better was if Mr E had been with us but as he is busy working all we could do was send him a photo with wish you were here xxxx

So some photos of what is a beautiful place, it has an amazing Rose Garden but its too early for the blooms, we'll be back and I'll take some photos of that when its in full bloom as it is a beauty to behold.

I'm afraid not much work is being done today, Darcy is now snoozing and I'm researching holidays for next year, I know I know its a hard life. Hope you're having a lovely day even if you're stuck indoors at least the view lifts the soul with the sun shining. Until the next one xxx