Do you know the Muffin Man?

No me neither, but after this mornings baking debacle I wish I did.

I decided, for reasons I now don't know, to bake choc chip muffins . Now normally my bakes are a huge success and muffins are the easiest bake there is (ha she says), they really require zero skill, as you are in effect making a batter and providing you can follow an easy recipe you're good to go.

The difference today is that as muffins require a fair amount of milk and hubby has recently been diagnosed as lactose intolerant, I made this batch with soya milk. Don't do it, it doesn't work.

Well I say it doesn't work, they are not a complete disaster, the best critique I can give is that they are edible, which on a good day is really all you can hope for. The texture is a tad odd, a bit like a sweet crumpet, a little crusty on the outside and a very light but spongy crumpet like texture on the inside. I have no doubt they'll get eaten but not one I'll be adding to the baking repertoire.

The recipe is Mary Berry's which, and providing you use proper milk I'm sure won't disappoint, which you can find here.