Back from the Dead (ish)

Well that's how it feels, I've survived one hell of a bout of flu. I mean proper flu, I won't go into the gory details .. ok I will, no promise I won't but I was bed bound for over a week. I had missed all colds throughout the winter (well proper winter as winter seems to have decided to stay) but it hit me like a shovel in the face and now I'm back (ish) not 100% but verging around the 90 and that will be just fine for me.

So yesterday I clean as it had not been touched for a week, I know how can we cope ;) and today I've dipped my feet back into creative mode and made 2 cards for 2 birthdays looming. The first is a variation on one I currently make and just to demonstrate that I can personalise all cards I make at no extra cost

The second is new and falls upon my favourite kraft card and has a more vintage feel. I've created a faux stitch edging and using some of my favourite vintage card to create the hearts, simply finished with Happy Birthday but again could easily be personalised.

A friend has offered to host a little stall at their business for staff to buy cards and things, so I need to get my rear posterior into gear and start making enough to stock it, it'll take a few weeks to make as we have the Easter Hols on the horizon and much planned.

Until the next one ... Cx