A Day without Agenda ....

... well yesterday wasn't one of those days. Despite trying (and desperately failing) to fight off a bad head cold with a stick, well not a literal stick but with Sudafed and hot lemon and honey, I had a list of jobs as long as your arm and defeat wasn't an option.

I try and organise my week so I run all my errands on one single day, which included shopping, collecting ironing, chemist, post office to post the last of the Mother's Day orders to ensure safe delivery before the big day. As well as a trip to the printers to collect an order for Mr E's school.

Darcy was with her Nanny and Poppy again organised so I can leave the house for a large part of the day on my errand run without fear of guilt, so my running around included going to collect her, chat with Mum and Dad and bringing her home.

Today I'm in bed as the cold has taken hold and whilst I do have a list of jobs for today to do on my ipad, they will have to stay there and wait as I am spending the day binge watching Sherlock on Netflix, thankfully I don't have to cook tonight as I have a freezer full of homemade "ready meals" so whilst I have no appetite (only plus side) and will probably only manage some soup maybe, Mr E wont starve and will have Chicken Jalfrezi and Naan Bread for tea.

Tomorrow is another day and I hope this cold has gone or at least on its last legs !!!