Siberia has arrived ....

... with a whimper more than a bang, but we so rarely get any snow living by the coast that its a rare wintry treat. It's trying to snow again but I can't see our snow shovel getting any action anytime soon.

I've nothing but feet on my mind at the moment, alas mine, (warning of nudey shots to come) - sorry, but I cut my heel. I hate shoes and in fact socks and will walk barefoot in the house and sometimes out of the house i.e in the garden or down the path to the shed in all weathers including sub zero. So my freezing feet that felt no pain must have stood on a sharp rock or glass and my heel started bleeding profusely. Now this just fell into Mr E's favoured I told you so lament, he's waited years to wail this particular song and I was so glad (not) to oblige ;) He has ordered me some furry slippers (perish the thought)

So after I gave my ailing foot a salt water bath (with tea tree oil) and nursed it, I dressed it to protect it and to aid its healing. However we then have the shower quandary, how do I have my daily shower without getting it wet .

I could:

a) Not shower however really not an option as I seriously can't start the day without my morning shower

b) Stick my leg out of the shower cubicle, but its my left foot (no Christy Brown pun intended) and its on the wrong side for my shower

c) fashion some kind of protector to prevent it getting wet.

I'm sure there are more options but I'm a 3 options max kinda gal, otherwise you get nothing done.

So C was selected and armed with a pedal bin liner and cellotape I created a waterproof lower leg protector thing (love my bathroom floor tiles by the way ha) ......

..... that I may just patent erm not, it was rubbish and it ended up being some water holding squishy welly thing, how the water got in there, I'm still not sure as I had taped it so tight I lost the sense of feeling in my leg but nonetheless water penetrated and I ended up with one very soggy heel. Back to the drawing board whilst I redress my heel.

I have orders to make, so this afternoon I'll be in the shed, thankfully I have a super heater in there (courtesy of the wonderful Mr E) and I'll share some piccys tomorrow. Have a lovely day, until the next one.