Monday in E Minor

I've always wanted to be musical, hugely admired those that can play a musical instrument. The problem with my achieving this is two fold, firstly I have no natural musical ability and secondly I have the attention span of a gnat; so the dedication required to learn and practise has been to date (and probably still the case) beyond me.

Still my yearning has gone unabated. Last birthday Mr E bought me a guitar and it has sat in our lounge as an ornament since (ha) so now I have time, that has always been my excuse to date, I'm going to learn. So I went on the old You Tube today and found an idiots guide, and I learned how to play E Minor, yeah get me ;) I will however try and find a better video to learn by as it took about 12 minutes of waffling to get to the E Minor demonstration, and I was losing the will, I need something a bit more to the point so I will search for a better how to guide. I was somewhat put off by the inference that to be a decent guitar player you need to build calluses on your fingers - ooh how tempting but no pain no gain I suppose. So this week I'm going to work on the old E Minor before I move onto G apparently, 10 years time I'm confident that I can play Mary had a little lamb with gusto :)

I ventured into Aldi today, I've never shopped here before but as we are now a one salary family thought it was time. There are some items that are cheaper than Tesco but others not, so like anything its best to do your homework and decide what is good value and where to get the best prices and quality.

I only nipped in to get some bits for tonights tea, which was homemade chicken soup (made some time ago and liberated from the freezer) with Ham Baps (I'll leave you to make up your own joke, Mr E has his :) and picked up some lovely German smoked ham which married with the soup perfectly.

This evening I decided to make my fake hob nobs which are in fact very chewy (if you like them uber chewy just add more golden syrup) oaty biscuits, favourite of ours and I really fancied a biccy but nothing in and as this takes literally 10 mins to whip up a batch, 10 mins to cook and 30 mins to cool providing you can wait an hour you have quite literally the best biscuits ever. Recipe is here

Just out of the oven and whilst not pretty, taste amazing ready for a brew anyone? :) Happy Monday all xx