Rainy, Reflecting, Days

..... and relax. So after the spring clean to end all spring cleans and baking and cooking in preparation of our lovely house guests, its time to breathe. It was so lovely to be so busy and to have a house full including 3 boisterous, funny, beautiful boys bringing lots of joy and laughter ..... thank god for the Netflix though to kick start wind down time ;)

Darcy wasn't fazed and ambled around the house mainly bemused by all the comings and goings, so now our house guests have gone, she now sleeps at the bottom of our bed on top of her new furry throw that she loves and her normal routine returns.

Just prior to our guests I had a lovely day with my lovely sister for her birthday and as promised now her birthday has been and gone I can share her birthday card. I am going to put this in the shop for sale as a personalised card. She loved it but she is my sister and it was her birthday and she could hardly say it was a shower of shite but her assurances she meant it made me believe it wasn't all bad. ha!!

Mr E is dying on the sofa, the usual coming down after working 70 hour weeks plus, with it being half term and he stops the lurgy raises its ugly head and he's snoozing on the sofa, all snug and warm.

So its a lazy, rainy, catch up day following a week of full on hurly burly, so Happy Valentines Day one and all, love the ones you love and be kinder to the ones you don't. Until the next one xxx