Mid Week Musings

Well this not working for a living milarkey is a breeze, I'm totally smashing it ;), still feels incredibly surreal and I haven't really got my new life organised and properly planned, I suppose I'm still in wind down mode before I wind back up again.

Well I say wind down, not quite as I'm on a massive Spring Clean. I don't particularly like cleaning but I love a clean home and I can't really have one without doing the other. I spent 6 hours on Monday deep cleaning the kitchen, although to the uninitiated (Mr E) it didn't look any different as from the naked eye it always clean and tidy, but I don't think anyone else sees what you see. Anyhow I emptied every cupboard and shelve, cleaned decluttered and reorgnised, cleaned the oven and fridge, windows, walls etc and managed to fill a whole black bin with detritus. Its all sparkly and organised ah the simple things .....

Tuesday I did upstairs, we don't use our upstairs (dormer bungalow) its our guest suite (how posh ha) of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. We have some of our lovely friends to stay for a few days next week , I cleaned the rooms in preparation. So with the usual daily hoover and tidy and cleaning etc I've managed to fill the days - Mr E did point out what happens after I've finished and well I do have things planned I can assure, I just need to get my disorganised thoughts organised.

So today, I decided to take a day off the spring clean fest, just laundry and daily jobs (ah the life of the housewife never ends ;) and I ventured out of the house to run some errands. Mainly to pick up our ironing.

Whilst I'm happy to clean - well happy is a strong word I did use to have a cleaner but I'm afraid they never did it quite to my standard and when you're paying £15 per hour you kind of expect close to perfection. So after a few months I decided to take the job back. However ironing I hate with a passion, I really do. My lovely hubby still insists despite my not bringing home any bacon these days that we outsource the ironing, I did put up a bit of a fight as its at a cost of approx £800 per year and a job I could easily do and we could spend that money on a city break but he insisted we continued with this little luxury.

My working class credentials I know are firmly in the bin paying someone to do this, it has always felt quite decadent albeit its a relative new venture of the past 10 months but it does make me happy and I'm supporting what is a small local business and the local economy in my own little way - yep trying to make myself feel less guilty. You will note the angle I took the photo so I could get Darcy in the snap in the bottom right hand corner, she's never far away from me and always likes to watch what I'm up to.

So other errands included popping to the Chemist and the Co Op to buy some pasta for tonights tea. I have some pork loin steaks in the fridge so just going to grill those and serve it with some pesto pasta, very quick and uber delish.

I also made two bespoke cards today, one for my sisters birthday at the weekend and another for a friend next week. Its a new design based around one of my favourite ( you will note I have a bit of a penchant for bunting and buttons and this one fulfills my bunting needs). I'll post photos of the cards next week following respective birthdays just on the off chance they should read this post before their respective big days.

Hope you're having a lovely day and until the next one xx