First Day of the Rest of my Life

Welcome to my blog, whilst there will be some crafting and card making posts, it will be filled with general ramblings about life, home and aimlessly trying to live a more frugal, simple, thoughtful life.

I faced the fear and there were lots of fears and resigned from paid employment to go it alone ... well I say alone, that really is not true, it was only with the huge support of the most amazing human I know and luckily he married me (ha) that made it all real, I'm blessed, really blessed and this blog will tell the tales of the new chapter of my journey.

So on the first day of the rest of my life I met with my fabulous best friend B and we had lunch and put as we usually do the world to rights, although she wasn't impressed with my new found fascination with head scarves, I think I could really pull them off - she remains unconvinced ooohh I love a challenge.

I also ventured into the shed and made a new card which will be available from the shop soon. I like to think its simple and elegant stating Happy Birthday using one of my favourite crafty supplies - wooden scrabble tiles.

I've also got some new ideas for fabric brooches, coming soon. .....